Innomed Medical Device Co., Ltd. (Innomed) is an innovative technology enterprise engaged in the development and manufacturing of interventional and implantable medical devices. The company was established in January, 2013.

Patient safety is the main concern

The Inno-Spring stent system design won the Red Dot award, the most influential competition in the field of design, in 2016.
Winning Factors: Inno-Spring stent design is the fusion of the Material Science, Structural Engineering and Ergonomics.

The anti-fatigue stent with stood the torsion, bending and compression with the lower limb vascular without fracture after implanted in the body.

  • Graceful appearance
  • Simple and reasonable structure
  • Optimum material fit

  • Atherosclerotic lesion of the trans-knee femoral-popliteal artery
Stent Characteristics:

  • Interwoven wire nitinol stent have great flexibility, bending resistance, and fatigue durability.
  • The radiopacity wire throughout the stent will show clearly on radiograph.
  • Special surface treatment increases the lifespan and corrosion resistance.
Delivery System Characteristics:

  • One hand operation, easy for doctor use during the surgery
  • Reciprocating push to release the stent

Stent Features:

  • Excellent radiopacity.
  •  High crush resistance.
  • Flower ends, adapt to the anatomy of the iliac vein.
  • Braided by NITI wires, excellent flexibility, fracture resistance and fatigue resistance.

Delivery system feature:

  • Relocation function, can retract more than 90% stents.
  • Easy to operate, release the stent by rotating hand wheel.
  • Unique “self-compensating” mechanism, to ensure precise positioning.


  • This product intended to be used within the iliac vein and is suitable for symptomatic venous outflow obstruction.


Medical Supplies & Endovascular Products

Since our beginnings we have always worked with quality products and we have experienced professionals allowing maximum grade in order to be always at the forefront.

All our products are high-tech standards, with innovation and keeping a strong presence in international markets. 

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cNovate Medical BV operates globally and specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of cardiovascular and endovascular treatment devices.

We are not working alone. Part of our success is due to working closely with customers, patients, industry partners, leaders and government agencies to realize the vision of better, simpler and more accessible healthcare.

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PulseCath® is focused on developing ground-breaking technologies designed to assist the life sustaining pumping functions of the failing heart.

PulseCath BV. is a Netherlands based medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets circulatory support systems. The company, formed in 2007, has developed unique and proprietary platform technology to provide a short-term circulatory support system for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.

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Super selective and targeted embolizations

Interventional Radiologists are finding confidence through a greater sense of predictability while using Varian microspheres. Designed with elasticity to allow smooth delivery and size calibrated to enable deep tumor coverage, our array of tightly calibrated bead sizes is expanding the possibilities of embolization procedures and the type of patients that can benefit. 

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The blueflow Venous Stent is indicated for the treatment of venous outflow obstructions in the lower extremities. With its closed cell design, blueflow Venous Stent is highly flexible. The blueflow Venous Stent is available in different configurations.

Many people suffer from venous diseases. Varicose veins and spider veins are terms that almost everyone knows. If varicose veins or even venous ulcers (Ulcus Cruris) occur again despite a varicose vein treatment, these are often the consequences of an obstruction in the pelvic vein caused by a thrombosis. 

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Embolx is an emerging commercial-stage medical device company in Silicon Valley developing microcatheters for arterial embolization procedures. Embolx is committed to dramatically improving the treatment of a variety of conditions including cancerous tumors, benign prostatic hyperplasia and uterine fibroids. The Sniper® balloon occlusion microcatheter sets a new standard for precise embolic delivery and superior target filling by controlling pressure to direct blood flow while protecting non-target surrounding tissues. Embolx is a privately held company.

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Innomed Medical Device Co., Ltd. (Innomed) is an innovative technology enterprise engaged in the development and manufacturing of interventional and implantable medical devices. The company was established in January, 2013.

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